Poster Tubes

We stock a range of extendible poster tubes with carrying straps - great storing and carrying images.

If you want to mail your images, then thick, reinforced cardboard poster tubes are the best way to ensure they get there intact.

Overall, poster tubes are an easy, economical way of transporting any image that can be rolled up.
A1 Cardboard Postal Tube
£ 3.06
(-2.29%) £ 2.99
In Stock
A robust cardboard poster tube with plastic pop caps at either end.
Black Zoom Tube 600mm 60-117cm
£ 22.74
(-25.29%) £ 16.99
A sturdy poster tube that is perfect for protecting your rolled up work.
Black Zoom Tube 60-100cm
£ 10.24
(-2.34%) £ 10.00
In Stock
A handy lightweight black extendable poster tube with a strap.
Black Zoom Tube 77-126cm
£ 16.49
(-2.97%) £ 16.00
In Stock
The Teloman Zoom tube is great for storing and carrying your work.
Jakar Jumbo Teletube
£ 15.49
(-22.60%) £ 11.99
In Stock
This extra large poster tube is ideal for keeping all of your art and posters safe.
White Zoom Tube 600mm Large 60-117cm
£ 22.74
(-25.29%) £ 16.99
In Stock
The white zoom tube is adjustable in length between 60 and 117cm.